Origami models created by John Szinger

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Green origami turtle with segmented shell.

Snapping turtle

3D turtle model with segmented shell and claws with five digits.

Intermediate 1 hr. 50 min.
Standing brown and red bird with reverse-colored wattle, legs and the end of the tail feathers, folded from double tissue paper.

American Turkey

Bird model with reverse-colored elements and detailed tail feathers.

Hard 1 hr. 45 min.
A brown origami bear model.

Brown Bear

Single-colored bear model standing on four legs.

Moderate 18 min.
Grey origami elephant with reverse-colored thusks and trunk going between the thusks.

Asian Elephant

With reverse-colored tusks, this model is 3D sculpted to represent the elephant’s physique.

Intermediate 35 min.
Purple walrus model with white thusks.

Bull Walrus

This model captures the distinctive pose and long tusks of the walrus very well.

Moderate 22 min.
A brown canoe model.


A 3D canoe model with pointed ends.

Moderate 12 min.