Origami models created by John Montroll

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Green origami dragon on four legs with curved tail.

Western Dragon

Quadrupal dragon with curved tail and horned head.

Intermediate 48 min.
Green origami wyvern.


Wyvern model with horned head.

Intermediate 43 min.
Yellow origami three-headed dog.


Standing three-headed dog model.

Intermediate 43 min.
Purple origami griffin model.


Griffin model pronounced beak, ears and wings.

Intermediate 50 min.
Orange origami pegasus.


Winged horse model with one-sided mane.

Intermediate 50 min.
Purple origami unicorn with long twisted horn.


Standing unicorn with long, twisted horn.

Intermediate 46 min.
Red origami rooster folded from double tissue paper.


Standing rooster model.

Intermediate 35 min.
Grey origami goat with horns and beard.


Standing ram model with distinctive horns and beard.

Intermediate 32 min.
Purple origami dog model with long hanging ears.


Standing dog model with hanging ears.

Moderate 31 min.
Standing brown origami monkey with curled tail.


Monkey standing on its hind legs with curled tail and distinctive face.

Intermediate 39 min.
Blue origami sea serpend with wings and horned head.

Sea Serpent

Long-tailed serpent with wings and horned head.

Moderate 29 min.