Origami models created by Jo Nakashima

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White origami bride with long veil and square features.


Boxy bride with long veil.

Moderate 23 min.
Black and silver boxy humanoid figure with spikey hair.


Boxy groom with spikey hair and reverse-colored face and undershirt.

Moderate 21 min.
Brown monkey with reverse-colored face, folded from double tissue paper.


Sitting monkey with reverse-colored face.

Intermediate 20 min.
Green origami snake with blue eyes and tongue.


Flat snake model with reverse-colored eyes and tongue.

Intermediate 25 min.
Orange and white goose model.


Standing goose model with reverse-colored legs and beak.

Intermediate 36 min.
Green chameleon with white eyes and a curled tail.


Chameleon with open mouth and reverse-colored eyes.

Moderate 26 min.
Black and white penguin origami model.


Standing 3D penguin with hollow body.

Moderate 20 min.
Black origami stand model.


Origami stand that can be used to display models on.

Moderate 15 min.
Multi-tiered origami conifer tree model with brown trunk and green foliage.

Christmas tree

Multi-sheet christmas tree with segmented foliage.

Moderate 1 hr. 5 min.
Long-necked yellow giraffe model.


Standing, long-necked model.

Intermediate 22 min.
Red sitting origami dragon with long neck and horned head.

Dragon v3

Bipedal dragon with segmented tail and horned head.

Intermediate 30 min.