Origami models created by Henry Phạm

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Blue and white sail ship with two large sails.

Sailing Boat

Three-dimentional ship with two reverse-colored sails.

Moderate 18 min.
White horse model with red mane and tail.


Fiery horse Pokémon model with reverse-colored mane and tail.

Intermediate 37 min.
Red six-tailed fox, folded from double tissue paper.


Standing six-tailed fox with distinctive curls on its head.

Intermediate 46 min.
Yellow bird with red beak.


Lightning bird with reverse-colored beak.

Intermediate 52 min.
Vaporeon Pokémon with large fish tail, with reverse-colored fins.


Pokémon model with long fish-like tail and reverse-colored fin around its neck.

Moderate 40 min.
Jolteon Pokémon model, with reverse-colored ruff around the neck.


Pokémon model with spikey tail and reverse-colored ruff.

Moderate 44 min.
Flareon Pokémon with large tail from red and yellow paper.


Quadrupedal Pokémon model with flaming tail and head.

Moderate 36 min.
Three-headed origami dog model.


The three-headed hound of Hades from Greek mythology.

Intermediate 1 hr. 30 min.
Golden origami dragon model standing on four legs.

Dragon 8.0

A European-style dragon with large wings, standing on four legs.

Intermediate 45 min.