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Browse through 277 origami models with high-resolution images, metadata and external resources such as diagrams, video tutorials and crease patterns. You can also use the advanced search page to find something specific.

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Green, blue and red ornament.


Ornament made from six sheets.

Moderate 10 min.
Blue snail on a green leaf.

Leaf & snail

Reverse-colored snail on a leaf from a single sheet.

Moderate 15 min.



This website aims to make it as easy as possible to find new and exiting origami models to fold. Other origami websites and databases often don’t have complete information about a model, are missing images of the final result and cannot be searched in a meaningful way (such as by fold time, whether there are online diagrams available, by model category or amount of sheets). The Origami Database also shows models related to the one being viewed, and has folding tips for the more complex models.

Almost all models are photographed right after they are folded, without extensive sculpting; they represent how a model will look when folded for the first time (because they are).